Welcome to Erin Lives Whole!

I can’t believe this is happening. Well, I can believe it but only because I’ve been dreaming about this day for like ever, it just never seemed like it would come. Would I ever actually get the courage to start a blog? After over five years of indulging in some of my all-time favorites (HungryRunnerGirlFannetasticFood, PeanutButterRunner, PeanutButterFingers, CarrotsNCake, KathEatsRealFood) and some new favorites as well (Rachlmansfield, immaeatthat, thereallifeRD) I finally realized it was time to stop letting fear get in the way.

So, welcome! My name is Erin. I’m a 20-something year old young professional from Philadelphia working in corporate communications. I share more about my life on my about me page.

Over the past few years, I have really developed a love for creating and eating healthy foods that make me feel good. Of course I still love my treats because I’m human you know, but I found that eating nutritious food is what makes me feel my best. The best part about my approach? There aren’t any “rules”.

For years, rules OWNED me. Eat this, eat that. Only drink water…you were really gonna drink alcohol? Sooo many calories. Wake up and work out, and if you don’t, then just expect to gain weight. Didn’t break a sweat? Don’t consider it a workout then. All of these rules landed me in a damaged relationship with food & exercise…which is a story for another day. But you better believe I’m going to tell it because I’m not ashamed.

I’m proud. I’ve grown dramatically and I’ve learned how to do things that make me feel good. I’ve learned to dive head first into conquering my fears. So one thing still holding me back? Not starting a blog to share my life –past, present and future. Now I’m here and I’m excited.

So what will you see on this blog? Definitely tons of deliciously healthy recipes, a peek into my life, good eats from restaurants in cities I travel to, and more.

Welcome to Erin Lives Whole! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram, @erinliveswhole – it may be small, but like all things, it grows with time!

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