Lots of Learning, Food + Wine in San Ramon, California.

What a past week! My trip to San Ramon, CA has been such a fun time. I’ve had to put a hold on blogging because I really want to immerse myself in everything related to the Academy, along with meeting new people. Back to regularly scheduled blog posting next week 🙂

So why am I in San Ramon? My company gathered 25 recently hired early talent employees who work in Marketing to come together and spend two weeks building connections, learning all about SAP + Marketing, and getting to know each other. The group is comprised of people from six different countries and it has been so incredible to be able to meet my colleagues from around the world.

Throwing it back to last Sunday, our flight arrived in San Francisco around 11:30 a.m. so we used the day to explore the city.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and explored around San Fran. We stumbled upon a huge outdoor park party with food trucks, music, and sunshine – all overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It was gorgeous.

First thing Monday morning, we headed to the Academy where we have been in several different training sessions during the hours of 9-5 this week. It actually has been so incredibly helpful and informative, our company sells software and it can be so confusing some times.

One of the best days in the Academy was Thursday when we took a half day and spent the rest at an old folk’s home helping them with service projects. Some of us cleaned, some painted walls, and others stayed indoors helping the residents paint planters. I met this sweet woman Dottie, who kept thanking us for coming and also kept us laughing the entire time. It was really special and a great way to break up the day!

We’ve had some incredible dinners out, as well. All of our food is included in the trip (we get a certain budget to use for each meal, which always ends up being plenty). We’ve definitely been eating well.

On Saturday, since we were so close to Napa, several of us went to two different wineries, Domaine Caneros and Domaine Chandon. They were both incredible and the highlights were definitely the sparkling wine. I’m a big fan of bubbles. We ordered several cheese and meat boards to share, because what pairs better with wine than meat & cheese?

It is now Sunday night as I am writing this up, and I’m getting ready for another week at the Academy. As for today, I went shopping and might have treated myself to a brand new Kate Spade bag ;). Then I hung by the pool, went on a quick run, and am about to grab some dinner. I hope everyone has an amazing week!


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