Things I’m Loving Friday #12

Things I’m Loving Friday

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so excited that Friday is here but I think I’m even more excited about the fact that I have absolutely NO plans. I actually came home to my parents house for the weekend because most of my friends and my boyfriend were headed out of town for the weekend. I also really haven’t had a quiet weekend at home in a while and sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries, right?

This weekend I’m looking forward to working on some recipes, getting some shopping done, hanging out with my dad (my mom has a girls weekend planned too!) and snuggling up with my pup. I’ll definitely be keeping you all up-to-date on my Instagram account!

There have been several things I have been loving lately, including good eats, products, and some fun events I’ve attended lately. Has anyone else found something they are loving?

  • Franklin + Whitman Yoga Event

Sylvia, Katie Dalebout (love!), me

On Sunday, Franklin + Whitman hosted an incredible yoga and self-care event at their office space in Philly (which is so cute, btw!) We went through an hour long flow yoga with The Little Flower Petal, and since the air conditioning was off, it ended up being quite sweaty but I liked it even better that way. I’ve always been a fan of hot yoga, so this was a perfect, natural way to do it. 🙂

After yoga, Franklin + Whitman had Kate, from She Be Kale In It, walk us through her typical self-care routine. She uses many of the product and is a huge advocate for them and I can totally see why. Their products are incredible, all-natural, plant-based and cruelty free. They genuinely care about what goes on our skin – and the process it takes to make them!

Did I mention that some of the proceeds went to support the PSPCA? Frank + Whit partners with the organization and has donated a lot of money so far to saving animals. I’m so excited that I was introduced to such an awesome company, plus the owner is one of the most personable + awesome guys. Make sure you check them out!


  • Spiralized Noodles with Ricotta + Pesto

Helllllo, dinner for the boyfriend. I think I’m winning girlfriend of the year after this dinner. It was so simple too! I basically just assembled everything and then broiled it. If you don’t have a spiralizer, I recommend getting this one. I love it!

This meal was so simple + easy but delicious. I mixed part-skim ricotta with garlic, basil, salt, pepper, pesto and placed on top of zoodles. The only thing left to do was broil for 8 minutes. Then it was done – super easy!

  •  Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning

Meet my new favorite seasoning, Trader Joe’s Chili Lime blend. Holy moly you guys! This is an absolute must have in your pantry because you can literally put it on anything and it will taste good! Straight from their website it says “what might seem strange to the uninitiated is actually a very sensible (and sensational!) flavor fusion: sweet and crisp fruit, contrasted with tart lime, enhanced by salt, and given an ever-so-slight, pungent, chile-powder kick.”

I’ve been adding it to everything, including fruit (mango), avocado, jicama, fish, chicken, egg salad, literally anything that I think could benefit from a hint of sweet + salty. Please get this next time you’re at TJ’s.

  • OPI Cajun Shrimp Polish 


Cajun Shrimp by OPI is my go-to summer color. I always choose it at the nail salon and I even choose it when I promise myself I’ll get something else, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Something about the sweet summery pinky/red color looks good on all skin tones and is a staple in my summer wardrobe!

Tell me below!

What things are you loving on this Friday? Any product, food, exercise, song, TV show, anything?

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