Things I’m Loving Friday #15

Things I’m Loving Friday

Hey friends! We made it to Friday. This week has been crazy. I’ve been traveling a ton for work and then to visit my boyfriends family in Connecticut and then again for work. I am looking forward to taking it easy over the next few weeks (and no travel!)

However it has been a really fun change of pace for me to be on the go. I’m always so set in my routine and I’ve welcomed a little shake-up.

Anyway, I hadn’t done a Friday Favorite post in a very long time and my roommate, Chelsea, requested that I do one so I figured it was a good time to share some of my most favorite things I’ve been loving lately. Please share your favorites in the comments below!

  • Date Snacks

Is it just me or are dates SO GOOD? I have been loving them in every single form recently – blended into smoothies, as a part of my Maple Tahni Freezer Fudge, and stuffed with nut butter. Mostly every single dessert I make is sweetened with either maple syrup or dates. Next up on my list of things to make is date caramel, because YUM!

This snack of pitted dates, nut butter, and salt has been my go-to lately!


  • Flywheel

For the longest time I thought that I couldn’t spin because I had a knee issue. I mean really, I’ll never forget biking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and crying because the pain hurt so bad. Even the most casual bike ride was painful, so I officially crossed biking off my list of activities I could do.

After injuring my foot while running, I decided to try spinning class as an alternate form of cardio. And while it has been 6 years since I’ve done any form of cycling, my knee is doing just fine! It’s funny because it hurts when I slow down in class or don’t have as much resistance, but it really feels great when spinning at a higher intensity or torq.

Flywheel classes (while expensive) have been a very welcomed and fun addition to my workout schedule. If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to give any spin studio a try!

Weekly dinners made better with a warm bowl of chili and all I had to do was prep once and eat several times!  I created a simple recipe by sautéeing an onion, browning one pound of ground turkey, adding in cooked beans (I used kidney, black, and pinto), adding in one can of Jar Goods sauce and let simmer for 4 hours. No other spices needed thanks to the sauce already being SO FLAVORFUL! Their tomato sauces are seriously my favorite – I’ve already had to order more twice. If you want to try them and get 10% off, order through amazon and enter code: ELWJGS10 for your discount! I promise, you will LOVE them AND they have all different flavors

  • Joel Gott Wine

Joel Gott wine. Where have this been all my life?! I’ve been loving many different varieties of their wine, but especially their Cabs and Chardonnay. They aren’t too pricey, which makes my wallet pretty happy! If you’re in the market for a new wine, give Joel Gott a try!

  • How I Built This Podcast

My last favorite is the How I Built This podcast on NPR. Ever wondered how different companies and brands got their start? Listen to these incredibly entertaining, shocking, and inspiring stories about how entrepreneurs got their start. I cannot get enough of this podcast and have absolutely loved listening to where some of my favorite companies (hello, Whole Foods, Kate Spade, Barre3) got their start.

I take this podcast with me on any walks, workouts, or in my car and love the short, weekly episodes that are released. I highly recommend it!

Tell me below!

What is something that you are loving this week? Any product, food, exercise, song, TV show, anything?

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