Things I’m Loving Friday #17

 Things I’m Loving Friday #17 

Back for another edition of Things I’m Loving Friday and I’m definitely channeling my inner girly-girl with this one. This week was a little bit shorter due to the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday and so I was off from work.

Having off on a Monday is a total game-changer because getting that extra day is SO nice. I slept in, worked on some blog stuff, met a friend for coffee, and got to hang out all day. I don’t even know when the last time I did that was!

This weekend we are laying low – I’m hoping to get in a workout on Saturday, spend some time with friends, and gear up for the Eagles game on Sunday! I’m getting nervous because Tom, my boyfriend, is a die-hard Patriots fan. There are only four teams left and both the Eagles and the Patriots are two of those teams… Go Birds!

Anyway, getting to my favorites this week, comment on this post or comment on my Instagram to tell me what your favorites are!

The Bachelor

YEP. I know. I took a break from watching it for a couple of years, only truly because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of episodes they had, but something about this season had me hooked when I found out it was Arie. I didn’t even love him on Emily’s season so I’m not sure why I felt so compelled to watch, but of course, I’m hooked. Who are your favorites? I’m still deciding!!!

Homemade Bagels

I made Skinnytaste’s recipe for homemade bagels last week and let’s just say they were delicious. I need to work on my bagel making skills and I want to perfect the recipe, but I think for a first time, I did pretty well!

They seriously were so easy, like 5 basic ingredients that you already have in your house – no yeast required. They would be perfect to make ahead of time for a weekend where you are hosting people, and your guests will be incredibly impressed.

My Healthy Human Water Bottle

Guys – don’t kill me for saying this, but I’ve NEVER been a water bottle girl. Like yes, I would use plastic water bottles strictly for convenience, because I am SO bad at drinking water, and also partially the fact that I would constantly lose them. Well ever since getting my Healthy Human, I am absolutely obsessed with it. I have this exact one in stone gold and I LOVE it. It goes with me everywhere from workouts to work to a ten minute ride in the car. I’m drinking more water (and using the bathroom haha) more than I ever have.

If you want a discount for a Healthy Human water bottle use code ERINLW on Amazon for 10% off! I share more of my discounts on this page.

Sperry Duck Boots

For Christmas last year, I asked for the L.L.Bean Bean Boots because everyone had them and I felt like I just HAD to have them too. In reality, I knew they would be great for walking around the city when its snowy or icy and were a great alternative to lugging around my Hunter rain boots.

Little did I know, Bean Boots are basically chronically on back order. My mom told me that there wasn’t even a chance I could get them before May, when it was just starting to get warm. So instead she got me these Sperry Duck Boots and although I was initially bummed I didn’t get the Bean Boots, I am completely and totally in love with these Duck Boots.

You guys  – they are absolutely AMAZING! Mine are fleece lined so they keep my tootsies nice and warm, they are so incredibly comfortable (I’ve spent days walking around the city in them), and I get the best compliments on them. A couple of my friends who have the Bean Boots have even said they like these better than theirs! I highly recommend them.

**They are currently on sale too!! I just checked! Not an affiliate, I just love them! Link here.

My Return to Running 

Last but definitely not least, I am finally getting back to running after 6 weeks of physical therapy! It’s been a long time coming if you are new around here, I was injured due to over-training and was forced to take a break from my beloved sport.

While I expected the running break to be really difficult, it actually forced me to try new ways to work out. I’ve completely fallen in love with spinning, using ClassPass (link for first $30 free!)to try different workouts, and figuring out different ways to move my body.

I’m excited at least to be ABLE to run now though if I would like, but I plan on keeping my workout routine varied. If you want to read more about my running journey, read this post.

What is one thing that you’re loving this week?


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