Things I’m Loving Friday #8

Things I’m Loving Friday

Hey friends! We made it to Friday. This week has been crazy. Our electricity at our new place didn’t end up turning on due to a broken meter, which just made everything complicated. Chelsea (my roomie and bff) and I were supposed to move in fully, but that is impossible to do when you don’t have electricity. I spent Monday and Tuesday living at my boyfriend’s house and trying to schedule time for the electricity guys to come, but it didn’t work out and they can’t come until today. Fingers crossed that we will see light.

I’m so ready to be all settled in, grocery shop, and have a working refrigerator. Let’s hope that we are able to get settled this weekend! As for plans for this weekend, I don’t have any major plans except possibly going to a Phillies game and then heading back home on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day with my fam!

Anyway, in typical Friday fashion, I’m sharing some of my favorite things that I’m loving this week – please share your favorites in the comments below!

  • New Running Routes

One thing I love to do when I am exploring a new city (or my new home!) is by doing it on foot. There is only so much you can see from a car, but when heading out on a run, you can take small alleys and weave in and out of different neighborhoods. I often get in running ruts and over the past few months of living at home, that is definitely the case. I ran the same four-mile route three or four times a week.

Well this week, I’ve already gone on two totally different runs around Philly. I never set a destination and instead, I just go out to explore. It has been awesome getting to know my new neighborhood and other areas around me.

  • Eating Evolved Chocolate

This is not the first time Eating Evolved chocolate has been a Friday Favorite for me. I am borderline obsessed with all of their products and have been enjoying them religiously after dinner every night. I recently bought the Midnight Coconut bar and although it has taken me a little while to get used to, I’m really enjoying the super rich chocolaty taste. My taste buds were a little confused at first when there was no sweetness, but after eating some every night I’m starting to really enjoy it. Perfect way to cap the night. However, my favorite will always be the coconut cups. YUM.

Speaking of chocolate, I need to brag a little bit about my flourless double chocolate chip cookies recipe. I shared the recipe earlier this week and I’m suggesting that you make them. They are so good. The best part about them? They only require 7 ingredients. Make sure to check out that post!

  • Spotify Premium

Call me late to the game but I finally bought Spotify premium. I’m the kind of girl who always just dealt with the advertisements or would pay for my songs individually on iTunes. I know, so dorky. Well recently my friends have gotten me so hooked on Spotify that I decided to bite the bullet and pay for it per month and let me tell you – it is SO worth it. People with premium can play any song at any time, as well as find and hear playlists, discover new music, create and edit playlists, and share music and playlists. I’ve been sharing playlists with my friends and we can all add songs – I love to see what they are listening to! The best part? The first three months were only 99 cents!


Tell me below!

What is something that you are loving this week? Any product, food, exercise, song, TV show, anything?

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