About Me

A twenty-something healthy living lover with a passion for running, kombucha, baking and travel. I currently live in the suburbs of Philadelphia but enjoy spending time in the city on the weekends.

As a communications major, I graduated from Temple University in May 2016 and immediately begin a career in public relations & communications.

My focus on health hasn’t always followed a linear path. I went from enjoying the college life a little too much (hello, freshman fifteen) to having an unhealthy obsession with exercise and food restriction, which resulted in major health issues. I experienced quite the roller coaster with my health during my late teens/early twenties.

After finally having enough of my restrictive ways, I knew it was time to change. I credit a lot of my development on the deep love I had with reading healthy lifestyle blogs. These blogs helped shape the person I am today – someone who loves health and wellness but also loves eating dessert and enjoying a night out with a glass or five of champagne.

The balance I strive towards every day includes exercising when I feel good, resting when I don’t, and eating delicious food – which includes healthy meals, indulgent treats, healthy treats, and indulgent meals. I live by the food motto that all foods fit. I don’t know who has the time to overanalyze what foods we should and shouldn’t eat but I know I sure don’t.

During the process of normalizing my health, I developed a passion for creating delicious meals and goodies made with real, wholesome ingredients. I have had plenty of fails but I am excited to share all of my successes.

Erin Lives Whole is all about living life as balanced and positive as possible. I will be sharing plenty of delicious healthy recipes, all types of eats from restaurants in the Philadelphia area, daily life posts, some of my favorite things and much, much more.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I discover living life whole.

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